MariEtta Parrish RD, CSSD, LDN

RD and endurance athelete

MariEtta Parrish is a Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, and endurance athlete. She is also a board certified Sports Nutritionist. After working in clinical and community nutrition for a decade, she combined her passion for nutrition and exercise by founding her own sports nutrition consulting company, called Healthlete. MariEtta has co-authored medical text books and been a keynote speaker for multiple conferences. She is currently the team dietitian for the two professional sport teams in Nashville, as well as an adjunct professor at Lipscomb University. She provides an effective evidence-based approach to help individuals achieve their goals using: focus, food, and fitness- from the weekend warrior to the professional athlete. Most importantly, she “practices what she preaches.”

5 Days of Heart-Healthy Meals

No more boring meals this week! Get 5 days of delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner heart healthy recipes from Mari-Etta Parrish (RD, CSSD, LDN)! Read more


How to Know When to Supplement Your Diet

Sometimes your intentions are there but your work, family, and lifestyle demands get in the way of you eating the way you would prefer. Nothing fully replaces good nutrition from food, but there are certain foods that you can likely never eat enough of to get their full health benefits, and that is when functional food supplements can play an important role when used along with proper nutrition habits. Here are four examples of when supplementing your diet is a must. Read more


How to Fit Foods for Healthy Aging Into Your Daily Diet

For optimal health as you age, it is important that you increase protein to preserve muscle, meet your increased demand for many vitamins and minerals, and eat foods that promote increased nitric oxide production and oppose inflammation. It has been said that, “Knowing is half the battle.” Now that you have accomplished that 50%, it is time to figure out how to implement all these foods on a daily basis. Read more


3 Ways to Fight Aging with Nutrition

Mari-Etta Parrish RD, CSSD, LDN has joined us a guest contributor to Nspiration! She will be covering topics that range from how to use nutrition to support healthy aging to how to determine when you should supplement your daily diet with a little something extra. This first post highlights three ways to fight aging with nutrition. Read more


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