Lindsay Webster

Competitive OCR, Mountain biker, xc skiier & runner.

Lindsay is a pioneer in the female OCR world, and her own life. She left the stability of a regular income to take a chance on something she wasn’t even sure she would be good at. The result? She’s the happiest she’s ever been.

Collagen Peptides Plus Whey: Protein Recovery Balls

Being a professional athlete and an OCR World Champion, Lindsay Webster knows what it means to recover the right way. She also knows how to make recovery taste like a delicious treat! Check out her go-to recovery treat that features our Collagen Peptides Plus Whey protein Read more


Running My Own Race.

If you missed what happened at the OCR World Championships, we've got you covered with a play-by-play from the 2017 women’s 15k world champion, Lindsay Webster. Read more


14 Backpacking Essentials – Spare Your Back, Don’t Overpack!

Many people find the packing process for camping more stressful than the weekend getaway is worth. Here’s an essential backpack checklist, put together through years of experience, to limit the weight and make the best use of the space you have. Read more


How My Life Changed 8,431 Miles Away

OCR World Champion Lindsay Webster traveled 8,431 miles to complete a mission trip in India. She didn't know what to expect, but she returned home with a whole new perspective. Read more


To cross-train or not to cross-train?

Should you cross-train or not? Lindsay shares her perspective on the importance of cross-training, and why you shouldn't only do what you want to be good at. Read more


5 Ways to Battle Pre-Race Stress

So, how to cope with the stress? I’ve taken the past week to talk with some other athletes, both in the sport of OCR, as well as some friends of mine who have had the honor of competing at the Olympic games, about stress coping mechanisms for these “A” races. Here's my 5 ways to help battle pre-race stress. Read more


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