Lindsay Webster


Lindsay Webster, Competitive OCR, Mountain biker, xc skiier & runner.

Lindsay is a pioneer in the female OCR world, and her own life. She left the stability of a regular income to take a chance on something she wasn’t even sure she would be good at. The result? She’s the happiest she’s ever been.

Play Around the World in Prep for Next Season

A behind the scenes look into how to make the most of the time in-between seasons. OCR World Champion Lindsay Webster takes us through each step to master the offseason training.

Whether you’re a professional hockey player, OCR racer, or weight lifter, every athlete requires an off season. ... Read more

OCR World Champion Lindsay Webster’s First World’s Toughest Mudder

With 2016 World's Toughest Mudder right around the corner, Lindsay Webster (2016 OCR World Champion) provided her take on what it is like to move from crew to racer, while also being expected to continue her OCR dominance in a race she has never competed in! ... Read more

Finishing Strong: Lindsay Webster’s Countdown to Worlds

14+ miles of grueling trail running + 35 unforgiving obstacles in less than 3 hours. The Spartan Race US Championship Series & 2nd place Elite Woman finisher at the World Championships gave us the inside scoop on what it takes to be one of the best Obstacle Racers on the planet. ... Read more

Creamy Avocado & Spinach Spaghetti Squash “Pasta”

Mmm, everyone loves a healthy dinner, especially when it tastes as good as restaurant food, and is super easy to make! Don’t let the fact that this meal is essentially the colour of the Incredible Hulk throw you off, because it will make you feel like the Hulk. Aka fantastic. Introducing, spaghetti squash “pasta” in creamy avocado-spinach sauce.
... Read more

Injury Prevention Band Exercises for Runners

IT band injuries, sore knees, glutes not firing; these are all common injuries that nearly every runner experiences at some point throughout their career. Lindsay has three great band exercises that you should try in order to help with injury prevention. ... Read more

I am Lindsay Webster

Lindsay Webster is a chef, a newly wed, and one of the top obstacle course racers on the circuit. Find out why she is the happiest she has ever been, and get to know her a little bit better as she will be one of our regular contributors to Nspiration this year!... Read more

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