7 Things Every Man Should Add to His Daily Routine

What’s the secret to having a great life? Everyone you ask will have a different opinion—unless it’s near a holiday (like Father’s Day) and you’re a father. Perhaps in the background, there’s a thought lingering about how to stay healthy and keep the memories growing. Focusing on diet and exercise is your best course of action, of course. It always is and it’s for good reason. But here are 7 additional things to help men round out their health-supporting arsenal and add to their daily routine. ... Read more

Fan Favorites: SuperBeets Recipes

We’ve curated your favorite sweet and savory SuperBeets recipes all into one place so it’s easy for you to find inspiration the next time you crave a beet treat!... Read more

Fan Favorites: Protein-Packed Recipes

We've curated your favorite protein-packed recipes all into one place so you can know where to look for a sweet treat filled with all of the premium nutrients Protein40 has to offer!  ... Read more

Honoring our Heroes

We have a tradition of honoring our family and team members that have served our country every year. What's so amazing is how long the email thread gets of stories, photos, and connections people have to those who served and have been impacted. Here are just a few of our own humanN heroes. ... Read more

Fan Favorites: Heart-Healthy Recipes

We've curated some your favorite recipes into one place to help give you some heart-healthy inspiration the next time you're in the kitchen wondering what to make for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time! ... Read more

Top 5 Foods for Healthy Blood Pressure

Lists for the top foods are pervasive on the internet. What these lists don’t tell you is how to actually use the foods in them. (Hint: it’s not as simple as simply grabbing the most beautiful in-season fruit you can find.)... Read more

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