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The truth about collagen and joint health

Collagen makes up 70-95% of the cartilage in your joints. Your body's ability to synthesize collagen drops off as early as your mid-30s. Can ingesting collagen provide the structural support your joints need? Plus find out the best type of collagen to support joint health. Get the facts inside.... Read more

Test your Vitamin B Knowledge

Test your Vitamin B smarts to see how much you really know about the benefits of this vitamin, and why it is for more than just energy.... Read more

Do You Have a B-Complex?

B complex is one of the most purchased supplements. So it’s odd that one of the common question about B complex is, “What is it?” which is often followed by, “What does it do?” Discover the benefits of B vitamins and find out if you need a B complex.... Read more

The 5 Worst Mistakes to Make When Buying a Protein Powder

There are so many protein powders out there today that it can be hard to make an educated decision. And if you're one of the many people relying on it for a quick and easy solution to get enough protein every day, you may be surprised at where your current protein powder may fall short. Here are the 5 mistakes to avoid the next time you’re shopping for a protein powder.... Read more

7 Things Every Man Should Add to His Daily Routine

What’s the secret to having a great life? Everyone you ask will have a different opinion—unless it’s near a holiday (like Father’s Day) and you’re a father. Perhaps in the background, there’s a thought lingering about how to stay healthy and keep the memories growing. Focusing on diet and exercise is your best course of action, of course. It always is and it’s for good reason. But here are 7 additional things to help men round out their health-supporting arsenal and add to their daily routine. ... Read more

Fan Favorites: SuperBeets Recipes

We’ve curated your favorite sweet and savory SuperBeets recipes all into one place so it’s easy for you to find inspiration the next time you crave a beet treat!... Read more

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