Big Horn 100 Recap & Reflections

What does it take to run 100 miles? To run non-stop through through the night...battling everything Mother Nature can throw at you? It takes sheer mental willpower. “I can, I will, I must.” These are the words that humanN ambassador Miguel Medina repeated to himself over and over on his quest to a 2nd place finish at the 2019 Big Horn 100. Read more


How To Improve Circulation: 4 Steps For Better Blood Flow

Are your hands or feet swollen or tingling? If so, you might be have poor blood flow. Click to learn 4 proven ways to improve blood circulation naturally. Read more


The Truth About Collagen for Joints (3 Key Takeaways)

Can ingesting collagen provide the structural support your joints need? Get the facts inside and find out the best type of collagen to support joint health. Read more

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The Top 5 Hawthorn Berry Benefits (Plus How To Use)

What is hawthorn berry good for? Learn how this unique berry, along with the plant's other components, can support cardiovascular health, blood pressure and more. Read more


Andre Crews’ Story: First Time Trying BeetElite

For Andre, owner of 150 Bay CrossFit and Men's Health Fittest Trainer, every rep counts. And as a former corporate banker, the proof is in the numbers. Watch his video for to hear more about the first time he put BeetElite to the test. Read more


Vitamins for Energy: Top 15 Supplements For Unbeatable Energy

Your complete guide to the top 15 natural energy boosters & how to use them for improved metabolism, sharper thinking, and reduced stress. Read more


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