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Collagen Cherry Smoothie Bowl

We think that you will be cherry happy with this fabulous Collagen Cherry Smoothie Bowl recipe by Lauren Nolan (@lakeshorelady)! Keep reading to see how you can create your own!... Read more

Collagen Beet Truffles

Craving a sweet treat? Try out this tasty Collagen Beet Truffles recipe by Kelly Papp (@nurturingbodyandmind) that features our new SuperBeets Collagen!
... Read more

The Essential Link Between Two of the Most Popular Diets In America: Greens

Fad diets fade from the limelight quickly because they don’t have staying power. But there’s one food that every diet can agree is good for your health— specifically your heart health. That food is green vegetables.... Read more

Your Pocket Guide to Immune Health

This printable pocket guide has all the immune 101 facts you need to arm yourself against the holiday drains on your system.  ... Read more

Fan Favorites: HeartGreens Recipes

We’ve pulled together some your favorite HeartGreens recipes into one place to provide some inspiration the next time your looking for a new way to get your greens.... Read more

Skin-Boosting Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl

This 5-ingredient skin-boosting mixed berry smoothie bowl recipe by Jenn Mitchell (@comebackmomma) is definitely one of our new staple recipes! Treat yourself with your very own with the recipe down below!
... Read more

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