NBJ Award Winner for Science

HumanN named the Nutrition Business Journal award winner for Science because of our investment in the long game with nitric oxide enhancement. ... Read more

Best of Nitric Oxide for N-Ovember

To celebrate N-Ovember, we have curated our most popular Nitric Oxide content just in case you missed any of it! From the connection between N-O and healthy blood pressure to fan favorite SuperBeets recipes, we've got you covered in this "best of N-O" list.

... Read more

Get to N-O Dr. Nathan Bryan and Dr. John Ivy

In the spirit of N-Ovember we thought it would be a good time to sit down with our science team, Dr. Nathan Bryan and Dr. John Ivy, and get their perspective on everything from the #1 misconception of Nitric Oxide to what they think the future holds for Nitric Oxide. ... Read more

8 Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Aging

As individuals age, their needs for vitamins and minerals change. Notably, changes in the body make it harder to absorb nutrients from food and diet alone. For those who want to play an active role to maintain and improve their overall health, it is critical to understand the role that key vitamins and minerals play. Here's our list of eight vitamins and minerals to keep top of mind!... Read more

Choose a multivitamin for a purpose.

A multivitamin is a mix of vitamins where the measuring is done for you. A multivitamin serves you best when it is used to supplement a rich and healthy diet. Taking a daily multivitamin ensures that your body has everything it needs to maintain or even improve your health, but it's time for you to rethink what to look for in a multivitamin.... Read more

Drinking cup of beetroot juice daily may help lower blood pressure

According to a study completed by the American Heart Association, drinking a cup of beetroot juice a day may help lower blood pressure. ... Read more

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