Crowded Kitchen

Mother & Daughter, Cross-Country Coach & Former Social Media Coordinator

This mother & daughter combo features delicious gluten free and plant-based recipes on their co-managed Instagram account, @Crowded_Kitchen. Their recipes are a great way to be inspired to live a healthier lifestyle through the foods you eat.

Berry Cherry Beet Smoothie

We love this new recipe cherry much! @CrowdedKitchen created this sweet summertime smoothie recipe featuring our newest product, SuperBeets Energy Plus infused with Green Tea! Check out how they made this tasty treat down below, (p.s. this smoothie will give you a natural energy boost too!) Read more


Blueberry Beet Smoothie Bowl

This BlueBerry Beet Smoothie Bowl by @CrowdedKitchen tastes as good as it looks! It also packs a powerful punch of natural energy because it features SuperBeets Energy Plus! Want to make your own? You can do! Ready? Set.... Go! Read more


Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie

Check out Crowded Kitchen's latest recipe featuring Protein40 in a delicious Chocolate Strawberry smoothie. Read more


SuperBeets 3 Ways by Crowded Kitchen

What do coconut water, watermelon juice, and ginger juice all have in common? They're all different ingredients you can use to mix with SuperBeets if you're looking to change it up (or just use up some veggies you may have laying around in the fridge)! Check out 3 new SuperBeets recipes created by Lexi and Beth at Crowded Kitchen.

Read more


Protein40 Pumpkin Spice Waffles

Check out our new Protein40 Pumpkin Spice Waffles from Lexi and Beth at @Crowded_Kitchen on Instagram-- the perfect fall treat to enjoy in your jammies! Read more


Super Green Matcha Latte

Have you been looking for delicious and nutritious ways to warm up this fall? Look no further than this Super Green Matcha Latte recipe by our friends Lexi & Beth over at @SuperFoodRunner on Instagram. Read more


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