CJ Hitz

Runner, Author, & Coach

CJ Hitz is the author of numerous books including Smoothies For Runners and Starting Off On the Right Foot: A Beginner'sGuide to Running Well. He's a USATF Level 1 Certified running coach who helps runners of all levels squeeze out their full potential at any distance. To find out more, visit TrainWellRaceWell.com. He is also a competitive masters runner in road, trail and mountain races around the country who enjoys experimenting with his own body in order to help the runners he coaches. CJ and his wife Shelley reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado where they are spoiled beyond measure with mountains, sunshine and trails.

‘Beet’ Your Rivals Smoothie

Need an edge against your competition? Check out this great smoothie recipe and training tip from author and runner, CJ Hitz. Read more


CJ’s BeetElite Story: Finding My Fitness, One PR at a Time

CJ Hitz has been a long-time HumanN Ambassador in the running community, but he didn’t always have a love of running. His story of how running turned from an afterthought in high-school to a life-changing passion today is truly inspirational. Read more


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