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Charlotte is a nutritionist who strives to make nutritious eating easy, delicious and accessible to everyone! Charlotte believes healthy eating should not be deprivation, feel like a chore or be a quick fix. She combines her love of healthy cooking and eating to create crave-worthy recipes to help clients feel their best inside and out and maintain it long term. Charlotte has combined her love of nourishing recipes and knowledge of nutrition to help hundreds of clients achieve their goals.

Charlotte specializes in fitness and pre- and post-natal nutrition, but she works with all sorts of clients. She currently has one month left before she will obtain her Masters Degree from Northeastern University in Applied Fitness Nutrition and is a Precision Nutrition (PN1) certified fitness nutrition coach and a Dr. Sears certified pre and post-natal health coach. When Charlotte isn’t meeting with clients you can find her baking in the kitchen or sweating it out! She loves a good workout as much as she loves a good cookie!

Beet Cranberry Scones

Featuring cranberries, this recipe will get you in the holiday spirit! Read more


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