Bril Flint

Red Sox Fan, MIT Graduate, Chief Technology & Supply Chain Officer

A MIT Graduate who happens to also be an avid Red Sox fan, he joined the humanN team in 2013 as Chief Technology & Supply Chain Officer. With a career that has spanned the recorded music business, technology, investing and now food & supplement industry, Bril is truly a pioneer and someone that you definitely want to grab a coffee (or beer) with if you ever get the chance.

6 Things We Learned from Red Sox Fan, MIT Graduate and Chief Technology Officer Bril Flint

From how we maintain the quality of our beets to why we include licorice root to help with the flavor profile of certain products, here are 6 things we learned about the science, ingredients and quality standards behind our company and products when we sat down with Bril. And when we say science matters, we mean it. Read more

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